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"Thanks again for the great service! Best service we had in Greece so far! If we don´t buy or own boat in spring, we will certainly charter with Hellas easyacht again in May and August/September. If your customers have doubts ..."
-Nicole Dirksen, The Netherlands


Spyros Karayannis - Founder

Spyros was born and raised in Piraeus. His father's love for the sea and sailing enticed Spyros from a young age. Sailing became his destiny. At the age of 18, he earned his off-shore diploma from the Sailing Club of Athens and for 2 years participated in the Open Aegean Races. He later began working as a professional skipper bringing his expertise and over 3,500 miles per year to his sailing with clients. At the same time he managed the maintenance and reconstruction of yachts.

Ambitious and motivated, he also earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

With over 15 years of in-depth knowledge of chartering, he knows exactly the ingredients necessary for the perfect sailing experience for his guests - and that means you!

He speaks English and French and also enjoys music, swimming, tennis and skiing.


Vassilis Karayannis - Managing Director

Vassilis was born and raised in Piraeus in 1964. At the age of 16, he earned his off-shore diploma from the Sailing Club of Piraeus.

Five years later he enlisted in the Greek navy and during his military service he travels all over the Mediterranean Sea and also some parts of the Atlantic Ocean. At the age of 32, he earned the second diploma of open-seas sailing at the Corfu Island. He retired from navy on January 2011 with the rank of Lieutenant.

His love for the sea and sailing became his present and future work. At the same time he enjoys managing the maintenance and reconstruction of company yachts.

He is married and father of one 4-years old girl.

He speaks French and English and also enjoys swimming and watching video cartoons with his daughter.


Ria Loukaki - General Manager

Ria, a native of Illinois, was born and raised in Chicago where she lived most of her life. As a first generation Greek-American, she grew up submerged in tradition and always felt how special and important her Greek heritage is. Her family roots are from the island of Kefalonia.

Ria studied at the University of Illinois and earned a BA degree in Psychology, 1993. Her diverse professional experience includes working for American Environmental Analytical, Inc., International Ecology Services, Vail Associates, Inc., and Colorado.

After Vail, she returned to Chicago where she worked for a leading European travel consolidator, DER Tours, Inc. She performed corporate sales and consulted with clients on overseas air and rail travel. A year later she was offered a job with Ameritech, Inc. as an Account Manager working for the commercial advertising division. In 1997, she earned the company/s highest honor, the President Achievement Award as top producer.

Her adventure spirit, love for Greek culture, and passion for the sea brought her permanently to Greece in 1999. She has worked as an Account Manager for a public relations firm and as Account Executive for a wholesale trade company prior to joining Hellas easyacht.



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KIMON DANAS - Account Manager
Cares for all documents and statements to be correct and on time
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The yacht insurance broker

When unexpected circumstances arise, rest easy as coverage is handled by the top and most reliable provider.
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Plans and designs all marine electrical systems
Makes sure that the batteries are always full and all electrical operations work faultlessly
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Marine refrigeration air conditioning
G .Petrakis / P. Drakos

Ensures that even on the hottest of days you can enjoy your drink refreshingly cold
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A. Rendoumis -G.Fyseros
As the winds blow stronger ande sails expand, the craft of the sailmaker is necessary
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