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Sailing in Greece is a dream in life that can become reality and easy to access. Hellas easyacht, with years in the yachting sector, takes every effort to ensure guests safety, and a carefree, enjoyable sailing experience. Our company philosophy is to meet the highest standards of service and care. We offer a direct and honest approach to communication, and personalized service. We practice ethics and professionalism, and offer the best Quality Assurance for our yachts.

"It takes me a few minutes to realize what he (the skipper) is shouting about.  Then I spot them: four dolphins, about 150 yards off our port side.  They’re on an intercept course and closing fast ..."

Fortune Small Business September 2006


Our friendly staff guarantees to answer all your questions until the last detail, there are no hidden costs or fine print, minimum paper work, and they will share with you in-depth local knowledge of Greek island hidden beauties. We offer bareboat, skippered, or if you wish, full crew luxury yachts, and flotillas. Also, we have sailing yachts that accommodate guests with disabilities. Partners and network members, with which we collaborate, are selected with the most stringent guidelines to ensure you fun, relaxation, unforgettable and trouble-free cruising time, and finally great memories until you return.


"A typical day began at the local bakery, followed by four to seven hours of leisurely sailing. Before docking, we anchored in a secluded bay to swim in pristine waters. Each night, we docked in a small fishing port and dined in a local taverna on fresh, inexpensive cuisine. On non-sailing days we explored local villages and monasteries, hiked, biked, fished, snorkeled or went sightseeing, shopping or dancing."

San Francisco Chronicle May 2004


Why Hellas easyacht?

What sets us apart is that we do not charge commission for our services. Our fleet meet the highest standards of maintenance because they belong to individual yacht owners, and they love what they do. You receive unbeatable rates, and premium personal care from our experienced team, through each planning step of your dream cruise in Greece. And we meet you with a smile when you arrive to the marina!


"He praised Hellas for the straightforward delivery of information on its site as well as for the efficiency of its personnel."

Cruising World May 2005

  • Best Value - 0% commission, no hidden costs
  • Personal Service - no one can assist better than the yacht owner
  • Convenience - informative and simple booking process
  • Flexibility - custom charters the way you prefer

Simply stated, we at Hellas easyacht, love what we do and bring you one click away from your yachting dream.


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Head Office: 10, Shistis Petras, 185 33, Piraeus, Greece    Tel.: +30 210 41 72 902    Fax: +30 210 41 72 906
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